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Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes
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molten chocolate peanut butter cake (low-carb, gluten-free)
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Green asparagus quiche
Classic vanilla marshmallows
"Forgive Me" Chocolate Chip Cookies
Whole wheat waffles
Question: Do you Judge?


I have a question for everyone.

Do you judge people for their eating habits. For example, if you are vegan/vegetarian/pescetarian/<insert here> do you harshly judge those that are not?

I recently presented my option on why I don’t judge meat eaters and got reemed as someone who supports the ‘…the enslavement, torture and murder of innocent beings…”

What are your thoughts?

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Posted by Katrina Rodzon.

No! Not at all! It is the person’s decision, and I choose to respect their ideals and beliefs of what’s right and what they should eat - it’s going in their stomach, after all. However, if they are harsh towards others about what they eat, then I may get a bit judgy (I know I shouldn’t really but still). 

Zebra cake